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StrifeBuilds is in the Strife Client

Strife Client Integration

Today we’re very proud to announce that your builds will be available directly in the STRIFE client!
During the past few weeks we worked with our good friends at S2 Games to make it even easier for you to use the amazing guides you can find on StrifeBuilds in your games.

Now you can import the best builds directly into the Strife Client!

S2 implemented a “Browse Community Site Builds” button in the “Play” section in game.
By clicking it you will be able to access a few, very selected builds from StrifeBuilds.net and import them directly in game.

We are absolutely thrilled that your builds are now accessible directly from the game and we sincerely hope you will create more and more of them.

Remember, only the most useful builds will end up in the client so do your best!


How do I use the builds on the site in my games?

Note: Remember to visit the guide page on StrifeBuilds to gather more information on how to play with that particular build as well as rate the guide, ask questions to the author and being updated on the build variations.

How do the builds get selected for the STRIFE Client?

There is no golden rule for this but we select builds to appear in the client by a number of factors. Some of those include build rating, guide completeness, build vailability in-game, number of views / comments.

How do I get my build in the STRIFE Client?

My personal advice would be to write a good guide, as complete and exhaustive as possible. Try to include as many information as possible as well as some screenshots and maybe a video.